Hi, I’m Patrick Barnidge, and as a father of four, I came up with the idea of the RABBITcharger after my phone and tablet chargers kept getting lost or borrowed and never returned.

Having my chargers and cables fixed to an outlet with a simple screw solves the problem of missing chargers. The RABBITcharger cleans up our countertops and floors of unsightly charging cables with its retractable spool and at 2.4 amps to each charging tip can safely and simultaneously charge phones and tablets, which typically will charge off of 1.0 and 2.1 amp chargers, respectively. The swappable charging tips give Android and iOS users the flexibility they need to easily change tips without having to replace their chargers. And with its sleek design, the RABBITcharger replaces the messy and uninspired chargers that families and households have had to settle for until now.

After over a year of electrical and mechanical engineering and industrial design work in Silicon Valley, we are excited to begin manufacturing the RABBITcharger. We look forward to bringing this much needed product to market and thank you for supporting RABBITcharger and this exciting Start-Up!


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